Manage Alarm Filters in Operator Console in UIM 20.3.2 (Resolved in UIM 20.4)
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Manage Alarm Filters in Operator Console in UIM 20.3.2 (Resolved in UIM 20.4)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Although, UIM 20.3.2, some filtering can be done by editing the filters in each column as described below, alarm filters in the operator console are not yet completely rolled out and/or supported/documented in UIM 20.3.2.


This affects the ability of the Operator Console to integrated with other parts of UIM new operator console, such as the SLM or the Dashboard Designer.

It is expected that alarms filtered in the Dashboard designer widget do not link the alarm pass through to an alarm filtered Operator console.




Release : 20.3.X



- OC Alarm filters not supported in UIM 20.3.2


Full Support for Alarm filters was added to UIM 20.4 Release in January 2022.

See what's new in UIM 20.4: What's New (




Additional Information

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Additional Considerations about ACL Alarm Filters:

UIM 20.3.3 without any patch installed does not support ACL Alarm Filters and filtering out Operator Console views.

UIM 20.3.3 (including the latest patch) supports ACL  Alarm filters but still does not support filtering out Operator Console views.


UIM 20.4 which supports both



Below is explained how to resolve an issue in UIM 20.3.2 where the alarm Console is stuck having an "advanced filter" that is automatically set when launching the alarm console from the SLM portlet "view SLM Alarm" option. 



•  To add or remove an alarm filter click on "Clear Filter" next to the filter icon at each "column" filed in the Operator Alarm console. Then Refresh the page (f5)


Full support and related documentation for alarm filters will come in a future release of UIM. In the meanwhile, you can apply the filters needed for a user by clicking on the filter icons and creating a filter condition.

The filter conditions based on each column will sum up and will be concatenated with an AND logic.

On the next login, the filter will be kept. 

Example: by clicking on "more" - near to "host historical" a pop up appears with the complete list of the active filters if the filters defined are too long to fit in the Advanced filter space.