Show latest output is perpetually clicked when navigating away
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Show latest output is perpetually clicked when navigating away


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


If you click on the "Show latest output" in the last report for a job and then move to somewhere else in the same browser tab, for example, clicking on Process Assembly perspective, the "Show last output" button never unclicks itself.  There is no way to unclick "Show latest output" from this point.

Steps to reproduce
1) Find or create a job that will take some time to run on a Linux agent.  For example, a job that will sleep for 2 seconds 10 times:
 :set &count# = 0
 :while &count# < 10
 sleep 2
 ls -l
 :set &count# = add(&count#, 1)
2) On the UNIX tab, have Job Report stored to database only
3) Run the job
4) While the job is still running, go to the last report and click on "Show latest output" button
5) Keep "Show latest output" button checked and stay in report tab
6) Without unclicking the "Show latest output" button, click on "Process Assembly" in the same browser tab
7) After the job has finished, tail the latest Agent report

Agent log should only show that the job starts and ends, there should be no message that the report was not found as the AWI should know that the "Show latest output" is no longer being used.

Agent log loops the message:
U02000258 Upload of file '<full path to agent>/temp/O<runnr in alpha format>.TXT' completed with error, reason '2 - No such file or directory'.

continuously until the agent is disconnected and reconnected - there is no way to "unclick" the "Show latest output" button


Reproduced on 12.3.4 - AWI, AE, Linux agent



This is caused by a defect in the code


This is fixed with the AWI in 12.3.6 and 21.0.2

Workaround is to disconnect and reconnect agent either by restarting it fully or using the disconnect option in the administration perspective