CA Deliver - Orphan Report Records in a Deliver Database


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CA Deliver


If I run the Deliver RMOGRW program to extract information, the results are that there are some reports that do not have related definitions in the Deliver database.

It appears that there are ghost files out in the database.

What can be done about this?


Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


The problem in this case is that there were "orphan" report records in a Deliver database.

To remove the orphan records, the following must be done:

. Ensure that Deliver 12.2 PTF SO10564 is on the environment in question.

Use the following steps to perform the cleanup process:

. Create a new Deliver database (RMODBASE ADDDS and MAKECKPT).
. Shut down the current Deliver activity, using "/F rmostc,OFF".
. Use RMODBASE RENAME, to rename the current database to another name.
. Run RMODBASE COPY, to copy the current database to the new database.
. Use RMODBASE RENAME, to rename the new database to the current name.
. Start the Deliver activity, using "/S rmostc".