UIM 20.3 - Data Access Error on Operator Console due to CABI server using IP Address instead of FQDN.


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DX Infrastructure Management


Issue: We get the Data Access Error message on the OC Home page and on dashboards. We already know this is because 3rd party cookies is being blocked by the Chrome browser. We noticed that when we go to the blocked list, we can see that the CABI server is sending an IP address back to the Chrome browser. Both the OC and CABI servers have the same domain names. How we can get the cabi server to send an FQDN name back to the OC Chrome browser instead of the IP.  We have very strict security protocols in place and we need to see if we can get around the cookie being blocked without disabling cookie settings or allowing cookies.



Release : 20.3



At the OC robot:
deactivate wasp
open wasp raw configure and select setup
new key
key name: cabi
For Value enter the cabi address exactly as shown in the console /domain/hub/robot/cabi

Also at the OC robot:
rename the wasp work and webapps/cabi folders

Activate wasp and restart the robot

At the cabi robot:
open wasp raw configure and select setup
set cabi_url = http://fullname.domain.com/cabijs < this is the url used to load cabi server.

restart the cabi robot