AlarmNotifier not having the correct alarm details when setscript runs


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CA Spectrum


When the AlarmNotifer setscript is run, the variables contain the current value and not the value when the Alarm was created.  

So when there are multiple alarms generated at the same time, as the setscript actions each one in turn, if the value of one of the attributes has been updated since the alarm was created, then the setscript contains the latest value.

An example of this is the Occurrence variable – when an alarm is created, the occurrence account is 1, however, if AlarmNotifier has multiple alarms to action, we can see occurrences >1 when the setscript runs.  

I’m using occurrences as an example, but it could be any variable that has the wrong value in (Acknowledged, EventMessage, etc).


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Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER