Problem with Alert Filters in SOI
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Problem with Alert Filters in SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We have a group (<GROUPNAME>) with two users (<USERNAME1> & <USERNAME2>).

This group contains some filters and only one user show this filters


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


1) Right click on a Group -> Set Preferences > Alerts Tab > Alert Filter : "Set Alert Filter ..." button

2) Then click on the "Set Alert Filters" button, select the filter from "Available Filters" drop down -> Ok
3) You may LOCK it then hit Apply again and hit OK
4) Close and open the console with one of the user from that Group, he should be able to see the filter now
Note: You may IMPORT from the Administrator or any other Group which has the correct filters setup.