About stop using Librarian in the system
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About stop using Librarian in the system


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Deleted the LMP key to stop using the product in our system, but the product can still be used.
Is there a way to stop using it?


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* If only deleted the installation libraries, may receive a warning or an error that it can not be used because Librarian is still setting to use. 
* Since Master files can only be accessed with Librarian's utility, copying to a partitioned data set is required before deleting the installed library.
* It is possible to access the master file with READ-ONLY by using Librarian's FAIR routines in the user program. If you are statically linking, FAIR routines will remain in the user program, so warnings and errors may occur.
* If the user CLIST etc. includes Librarian TSO command, deleting the installed library may cause a warning or error.
* If Librarian ISPF option(ELIPS) is used, the installed library is set in the LOGON PROC, so deleting it may cause warnings and errors.
* If use the Librarian subsystem, the subsystem settings may still be in the PARMLIB DD of CAS9 and removing the installed libraries may cause warnings and errors.