Renaming attributes/columns in Modern UX
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Renaming attributes/columns in Modern UX


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How can I change a column label / display name of a field in the New User Experience (New UX) in areas such as the Project Grid, Ideas, Risk, etc?  For example: I want to change the '% Complete' column heading to say 'Percent Complete'.


  • Labels can be changed in the Modern UX using the functionality mentioned in the documentation below.

Create New Labels for Stock and Custom Attributes in Clarity

  • Changing labels has the following limitation
    • Translation of labels are only available for objects present in the "Attributes" grids. Some of the objects that are NOT available in the "Attributes" grid so the labels cannot be changed, some of these include:
      • Status Report
      • Resources
      • Assignments
      • Tasks
    • For attributes on an abstract object where the attribute labels are changed, the inherited attribute labels on the concrete object cannot be changed.