Project Attributes are Locked by a Process
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Project Attributes are Locked by a Process


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The properties are not editable on a project and are showing as being locked by process for a long time. There is not a process currently running. 

How can the attributes be unlocked?


Release : 15.9



Out of caution, the best way to unlock the attributes on this project would be to create a simple process to unlock them. 

The steps are below:

  1. Under Administration - Processes, create a new process
  2. Give the process a name and ID
  3. On the Objects tab, select the Project Object
  4. On the Start Options tab, leave the On-Demand option selected
  5. On the Start Step tab, click on the New button on the Actions section, select the System Action type
  6. Give the Action a Name and ID. For the Action on the bottom System Action section, select the option to 'Unlock all attributes'. Alternatively, you can select the specific attributes using the 'Unlock Selected Attributes' option. Save and Return
  7. On the 'Then Go To' option, select 'Finish', click On Save
  8. Go to the Validation tab, and click on Validate All and Activate

To unlock the attributes, go to the project, then the Processes tab. Select the Available processes option on the tab drop down. Then select the process you just created and click on Start. Once it completes, the attributes will be unlocked.