Building a Hauthtst Command from HServer.arg
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Building a Hauthtst Command from HServer.arg


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Is there a way to easily create a hauthtst command from the contents of the HServer.arg?


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Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Copy and paste the contents of your HServer.arg file into a text editor

  2. Remove all lines that don't start with "-authmode", "-ldap*", or "-tls*"

  3. For all remaining lines, put an "=" sign between the name of the option and the value, for example:

  4. For any line where the value has spaces or special characters, be sure to enclose the value in double quotes, for example:

  5. At the beginning of the list, add a new line and type "hauthtst", for example:

  6. At the end of the list add a new line and type "-ldapdebuglevel=-1", for example:

  7. Concatenate all lines together into one long string, making sure to leave a space between each option=value pair, for example:   
    hauthtst -authmode=openldap -ldapserver=<ldapserverhostname> -ldapport=<ldapserverport> ... -ldapdebuglevel=-1

  8. Leave the text editor open, copy and paste the entire line into a command prompt window on the machine where SCM Broker or SCM Agent is installed, and execute it.  

  9. If the test identifies any problems, fix them in the text editor, copy and paste the updated line into the command prompt window, and execute.

  10. When the result is successful, copy any changes back to your HServer.arg file.



Additional Information

You can read more about the hauthtst command here: hauthtst Command-Authentication Server API Test

The LDAPDiag freeware utility from the Broadcom Communities website may help with this issue. It can be used to validate changes to the LDAP settings in HServer.arg by automatically building the hauthtest command line. It can be found, understood, and downloaded from here: Useful utilities for Harvest administrators available on this forum. It is a tool useful during LDAP integration configuration.