NewMM.Pl script nor Device Cert Utility is changing Fortinet model type handle
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NewMM.Pl script nor Device Cert Utility is changing Fortinet model type handle


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CA Spectrum


We are trying self-certify MT fmg300F using or Device Certification utility to change MTH from "GnSNMPDev" to "FortinetManager" . The script shows "successful conversion" but the change is not happening.



Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Upon calling the  conversion script, the destination model should be FortinetManager 0x5b100011, but instead its mapping to FortinetManagerMIB 0x5b10001, which is incorrect. This will be addressed in a future version.


There is a workaround using dbconv tool in /SS-Tools directory. You need to create a config file which contains model handles of the devices you want to convert. NOTE- if no model handles are declared, then the conversion would change *all* GnSNMPDev to FortineyManager, and this would not be wanted. So be sure to include model handles in the config file as noted below. 


- via DBconv method, the device will obtain a new model handle - any previous EVENT logs will be lost to the new model handle. New events will start from this point of conversion. 

- as per seen in test labs, the device model may change its Model Name and Topology location as this is a DBconv method and not a re-discovery. Prior to running the conversion script, be sure to note the Model Name and Topology Location of the device(s) to be converted. After the conversion, you may find the new device in Lost and Found. In which case, change the model Name back to expected (if changed) and cut/paste the device model back to the correct Topology location. 

1. log into SpectroSERVER using Spectrum Admin and nv to /SS-Tools directory

2. create a dbconversion file like the following. be sure to plug in your correct <model_handle>(s) and <landscape_handle>

Configuration {
Source_Model_Type = 0x3d0002
Destination_Model_Type = 0x5b10011
Landscape_Handle = <0x1000000>
Model_Handles {

3. run the dbconv tool calling the file 

./DBconv -file=<config_filename> -landscape=<landscape_h>

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