UIM cdm probe stops sending metrics
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UIM cdm probe stops sending metrics


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


cdm was deployed and configured via either IM or AC and just stopped sending metrics. 


Release : 20.3 /20.4.x

Component : UIM - CDM


A mcs monitoring profile was created and activated from Operator console to push out cdm to these robots which were earlier configured using IM .

It is not recommended to mix probe configuration from IM and mcs for a probe .Use either mcs or else configure the probe via IM /Admin console 


plugin_metric_clean_1.0.zip is the probe attached on this KB

- import into your IM archive
- deploy to the robot in question having issue 
- redeploy the same version of robot that you are using on the respective machine (robot_update)

What this will do is put a clean plugin_metric.cfg file in place 

Additional Information

cdm log will show that it is sending qos. 
cdm: Sending QOS: QOS_DISK_WRITE_THROUGHPUT, Source[name] Target[Total], Value[1541325]

This query can be used to verify if a mcs profile was pushed out. 

select * from SSRV2Profile

to see what profiles have been created and if it was pushed out. 

The latestDeploymentSummary column shows the deployment. 
Successfully DEPLOYED profile Setup cdm (Enhanced)(12) in 37845ms to /DOMAIN/HUB/ROBOT/cdm



1610384894543__plugin_metric_clean_1.0.zip get_app