OPS/MVS "shuts" during system shutdown, before the rest of the system


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We ipl'd our systems at the weekend, and we saw that, for one of our systems, OPS/MVS shut itself down, way before the other applications.

Our timeline looked like this: -

05:16:27 ops issue SHUTSYS ALL

05:17:20 – OPPSMVS shuts down.  Many applications are still active

05:22:17 – OPSMVS is restarted, and continues to shut the system down.

We would like to understand why ops/mvs is shutting itself down at this point.




User Error in Coding


Release : 13.0

Component : OPS/MVS


This occurred because OPS/MVS is being managed by SSM and was not EXCLUDED from the initial shutdown when invoking the SSMSHUT exec.   OPS/MVS was in SSM with a mode of NOP, but SSMSHUT issues the SQL instruction to set all resources to Desired_state = DOWN, that are NOT in an INACTIVE state. 

Proper pre-reqs in SSM need to be set for OPS/MVS so that it is the last resource taken down, OR an exclude list for SSMSHUT should be created to use instead.  This is documented in the SSMSHUT usage comments.