Rally - Unable to create project in a workspace
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Rally - Unable to create project in a workspace


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


When creating a new project as a child of another project, the creation fails when the "Copy current Milestones from the parent Project" is checked.

The error shown on the screen is 

The Project [PROJECT_NAME] could not be saved.
Please correct the errors identified below and click one of the "Save" buttons.

When viewing the source code of the page, searching for "HIDDEN ERRORS" reveals the following text:

HIDDEN ERRORS: {name and date=: Milestone ‘MI9999: Milestone Name’ already exists with the same name and date in this workspace }



Release : SAAS



There are two situations that can cause this

Duplicate milestones

Creating a project in your non-default or non-current workspace when the milestone exists in your default or current workspace and non-default or non-current workspace


Workaround 1

Change your default project/workspace to match the workspace you are trying to create the new project in


Workaround 2

Switching to the target workspace from the dropdown in the main menu, and then go into the setup tools and create your project