Different Values displayed for EAT(EArliest start Time) and EST (Estimated Start/End Time) in Workflow Monitor and in the 'DETAIL' panel of a TASKS


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


A specific time zone (Object TZ) is assigned to client (UTC+1)
Workflows that has a EAT (EArliest start Times) set in their Task properties (e.g. +1 days, 10 AM)
When the workflow gets started in the monitoring, there is a difference of 1 hour between the display of EAT and EET in the 'DETAILS' panel (of the startpoint) and between the popup when the mouse goes over the start point of the workflow.

Note that this has no impact on the scheduling plan, tasks affected by this issue are still executed as expected.

In the details pane EAT shows +1 day, 10 AM
In the popup EAT shows up +1, 11 AM:


In Job the EST is 1 hour later than the defined EAT:


This is a bug of the Automic Web Interface.


Release : 12.3.4  Component : AUTOMATION Webinterface ENGINE


This is bug that will be corrected in a future service pack/version of the AWI/AE

Update  the instance including the Web Interface to this version will fix this issue. Please not that it is strictly recommended to have AWI and AE on the same version.