Command F SARSTC, DOM does not remove SARFVC99 messages from the Console


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CA View


SARFVC99 messages cannot be deleted from the Operator Console when Sarinit options specify Desc=2 and Rout=01 

How can these messages be removed ? 


We do use Desc and Rout for the SARFVC99 messages

The FSS printers however do not support a DOM modify command to remove these messages and the messages will not be removed with a DOM modify command to the main CA View STC either.

Desc=2 messages are not deleted when the Job/Started task ends 


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


Use a different ROUT or DESC code in Sarinit options 

DESC code of 7 will delete the messages when the Job started task ends.

If you want to suppress the messages from being generated then you can specify ROUT=0 , however this will also suppress message SARSTC99.