Smart Card authentication fails following upgrade to SMG 10.7.4


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Messaging Gateway


Following the upgrade to Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.7.4, smart card authentication to the SMG Control Center fails with a "No client certificate could be found in the smart card" error. Additionally, end users are no longer prompted for a certificate when connecting the SMG Control Center web interface. 


Following the update to SMG 10.7.4, the Control Center web application server is not requesting a client certificate as part of the TLS security negotiation.


Release : 10.7.4

Component : Control Center


This issue is resolved by logging into the SMG admin command line interface (CLI) via ssh / putty and issuing the following command:

cc-config client-cert --on

After the Control Center web application server restarts, it will begin requesting the client certificate needed for smart card authentication. Please see the product documentation for details on connecting to the admin CLI.