Applying/backing out SO15152, SO15243, SO15490, SO15947 & SO16036


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Datacom 15.1 PTFs  SO15152, SO15243,  SO15490, SO15947 and SO16036 have HOLD instructions that must be executed.

  1. Can I apply the PTFs and then execute the HOLDDATA data steps at a later date? Are the hold data steps independent of the patching?
  2. If I apply the hold data steps outlined in these PTFs, what happens if I need to back out the patching?




Release : 15.1

Component : CA DATACOM/DB


  1. When applying the PTFs, the hold action can be performed at a later time.
  2. The new DRI definition requires the code in SO15152, "ENHANCEMENT: ADD INDEX_FORMAT TO DIR_INDEX DST, CODE". If that code is not in place:
    1. A direct SQL query of the DRI table will fail with a RC 94(126), "DYNAMIC SYSTEM TABLE BAD DEF."
    2. A Sysview query of the DRI table will continue to work. It will tolerate the code and definition mismatch.

Possible solution for this scenario:

  1. avoid running queries on DRI table
  2. restore the old definition for DRI table, using the previous BTG1000 member