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What is the impact of Vcenter upgrade for Spectroservers hosted on it?


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The following scenario consists of Spectroservers installed in virtual machines currently hosted on a Vcenter 5.x or 6.x infrastructure.

Due to business needs, Vcenter must be upgraded to 7.x version. Is there any impact expected?


Release : 10.4.x / 20.3.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


No impact is expected for Spectroservers (considering that the network connectivity (network/DNS, etc...) will remain the same).

However, if you are using Virtual Host Manager (VHM) to monitor virtual networks, The Vcenter upgrade can break this monitoring, since VHM relies on Systemedge agent to do it.

The Systemedge agent only supports Vcenter up to 6.7 version, and currently there are no plans to make it supported for Vcenter 7.x

Here is the documentation link to VHM in Spectrum:

This Systemedge agent limitation is mentioned in the "additional information" section of the following article: