Jboss Fuse JMX metrics - steps to add JMX metrics for Camel and AMQ
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Jboss Fuse JMX metrics - steps to add JMX metrics for Camel and AMQ


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Customer started upgrading their agent from previous version using fuse extension that had JMX configuration for Camel and AMQ. The new version of the agent uses a different filter and does not include OTB support for AMQ and Camel.  The directions call to use Jconsole to obtain the filter settings and add them to white list.  To get the mbean attributes you need to create a yaml file and module to add in attributes and specify which folder they will appear in in metric view.  The following questions come up:

  1. How to use Jconsole to extract the filters for AMQ, and Camel to add to whitelist for JBOSS (JMX) bundle
  2. How to use Jconsole to create the yaml file for attributes.

Looking for docs or steps on how to use Jconsole with ACC and create necessary filter and module with yaml.  Is there example steps on how to do this or video?

If not is there someone who can walk through the steps.

Previous Jboss extensions this was available but used proprietary filter format. The current 20.9 agent uses Jconsole standard.



Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


1) Add the mbean

- Go to Jconsole

Select mbean tab  (The MBeans tab displays information about all the MBeans registered with the platform MBean server in a generic way. The MBeans tab allows you to access the full set of the platform MXBean instrumentation, including that which is not visible in the other tabs. In addition, you can monitor and manage your application's MBeans using the MBeans tab.)

- Select mbean on left panel that you want to pull metrics from

- Copy the “value” column value from alternate.mbean field on right side

- Put in semicolon at end following other white list entry

-Paste value into Whitelist following the semicolon


2)  Add to this Whitelist in IntroscopeAgent.profile



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