How to change the session timeout in OC 20.3


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CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to change the session timeout in OC 20.3


UIM 20.3


Regarding session management in UIM 20.3 version had been addressed in 20.3.2 patch, please refer 20.3.2 patch readme for more details.

Enhanced Session Management
UIM now provides the following token parameters in the wasp.cfg file that help administrators efficiently manage the user sessions:

oc.jwt.expiryInSecs: Allows administrators to specify the appropriate interval (in seconds) after which the session of the inactive users is expired. After the expiry of the session, when the users try to perform any action in the OC UI, they receive a session timeout expiry message along with the login link.

oc.jwt.refreshInterval: Allows administrators to configure the refresh interval (in seconds). Based on the specified interval, the session is appropriately refreshed if the user is active in the UI. Ensure that the value of the refresh interval is lower than the session expiry (oc.jwt.expiryInSecs) value.