Missing tab in web interface in AWI
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Missing tab in web interface in AWI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We cannot see the tab "Web Service" in web interface on "Web Service" job in Automic Workload Automation Version 12.2.


Release : 12.2



In order to see the tab "Web Service" tab then you need to add plugins which are delivered with AWI in the WEB-INF\autoinstall folder) and then need to assign permissions to user accounts as mentioned below.

Authorizations on the UC_ECC_PLUGINS STORE Object

Upon installation, the Automic Web Interface automatically loads the standard plug-ins, which are delivered with AWI in the WEB-INF\autoinstall folder).

When installing additional plug-ins and bundles, such as Release Automation solutions, Package Manager plug-ins or other content from https://marketplace.automic.com/, the related files are uploaded to a standard Storage (STORE) object called UC_ECC_PLUGINS that is available in Client 0. This object describes which bundles should be enabled for the user and is read on each login.

For users to be able to work with objects that are related to these bundles and plug-ins, they must have Read (R) rights on the UC_ECC_PLUGINS Storage object. Otherwise, they will be able to open them and see their standard definition pages (for example General, Version Management, Documentation, etc.) but not the object-specific ones (for example in the case of a WebServices job, the Web Service page).

For more detailed information please check the below URLs and let us know if in case you require any further details related to the issue.

Minimum Required Authorizations (automic.com)

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