Disable querying specific OIDs for a specific model in Spectrum


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We have a few Cisco ASA 5500 that we need to add to Spectrum but we cannot query specific OIDs, mainly OIDs starting with*, because it causes problems on the device itself.


Is it possible to configure Spectrum to not query specific OIDs on a specific model type?



Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


You can use the Model Type Editor to disable the polling of specific attributes for your model type by doing the following:

1. Shutdown the SpectroSERVER

2. Start the Model Type Editor

3. Find and select your custom model type

4. Click on the Attributes tab in the Contents panel

5. Filter for and select the attribute from the list

6. Click on the Edit icon

7. Uncheck the Polled check box in the Extended Flags section and click OK

8. Commit the changes to the database and close MTE.

I would only do this for the specific attributes the device does not support as Spectrum requires to poll certain attributes for fault intelligence.