Filter an Interfaces List View using multiple column values in Performance Management
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Filter an Interfaces List View using multiple column values in Performance Management


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DX NetOps Performance Management Interface Inventory View filtering using multiple column values.

Is it possible to filter by two columns in a Interfaces view?

For example I would like to search and filter interfaces based on "Device Name" and IfAlias columns.

In this case lets say there are interfaces with these values.

  • Device Name = "XNARouter"
  • IfAlias = "YXZAlias*"

How can the filter be used to get only those Interfaces in the result set?

Tried the following expression but it didn't return the results sought.



All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


It is possible to filter using values from multiple columns.

Here is an example that looks at the Interface Name and IfAlias columns.

It will return rows where one or more column values MUST (aka AND) contain one or more of the 3 search strings.

Here we see a support lab with a list of Interfaces. This is arrived at via the Inventory->Interfaces menu option.

For ease of explanation only the Interface Name and IfAlias columns are displayed.

Using this in the Quick Filter field returns a specific list of targeted interfaces.

  • Interface Name,IfAlias=TenGig LMVendor

In a second example if we add the word connects it further limits the result set.

  • Interface Name,IfAlias=TenGig LMVendor connects

It uses an AND, not OR, in search/comparison of the values targeted. As a result it won't search for multiple values where any of them match the row. In the second example above it won't return any row with TenGig OR LMVendor OR connects in the Interface Name or IfAlias columns.

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