scheduled_long_rib_processing vs. scheduled_short_rib_processing on Vertica tables?


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Does anyone know the difference between

scheduled_long_rib_processing and scheduled_short_rib_processing

on Vertica tables?

What is considered to be a long rib? And a short?



CAPM 3.7.x

DX NetOps 20.x


The scheduled_short_rib_processing resource pool is where all scheduled email report calls run. 

Each view makes 1+ RIB calls to DA, and we use this resource pool for scheduled based RIB calls. 

UI based RIB calls use rib_processing resource pool.


If it takes longer than 30 secs to complete the query, vertica reruns the query in scheduled_long_rib_processing resource pool which gives it access to more memory resources.


The point of these pools is to make sure no single action, like full PDF reports, don't take away too many resources from UI reporting, or thresholding engine, or rollups, etc...

Additional Information

RIB - Reporting Information Base - the vertica data tables.