User 'abc123' does not exist in realm LDAP anymore.


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Looking for a way to clear the following entries:

[INFO] [PO:main Mailman 1]  [Manager.UserManagementService] User 'abc123' does not exist in realm LDAP anymore.


[pool-23-thread-5] [Manager.AppMap] Exception occured while refreshing ACA cache for 'abc456'



Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


Using PGAdmin to access the APM database, go to the table where all APM logins are stored.

The table is 'aca_users'   (Cemdb is the default.)

When viewing all rows, you should find abc123 and abc456.

If this is the case, check if abc123 and abc456 are no longer a valid user in your environment and you have removed the users in LDAP.

Then you can delete the entry from aca_users in the APM DB.

First take a backup of the APM DB and then remove the user.