Converting PTDB objects to 10 bytes RBA extended format
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Converting PTDB objects to 10 bytes RBA extended format


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We would like to convert the Product objects in the PTDB database to extended RBA format. Are there any procedures or additional maintenance required to support this and are there any known problems when using the CA Db2 products with this format?


The CA Database Managements Solutions for Db2 have supported extended RBA format since r17. With regards to converting the PTDB objects there are no special considerations and we do not provide any process to convert the objects.

If a site wishes to convert objects to extended RBA format, then we would expect them to use the provided Db2 processes such as Reorg with RBALRSN_CONVERSION EXTENDED.

It is not unusual to have an environment where the PTDB objects are a mixture of extended and basic format and this will not cause problems for our tools. For example:

There should be no problems with the products if you decide to convert the objects.