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Devices are missing from the Availability Report in Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) after running


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CA Spectrum


After performing an upgrade on Spectrum and executing the script, the availability information in the SRM Availability Report is missing for all devices that updated to a new model type with the script. When this script is run and a new model type is updated for a device, a new model handle is created for that device. In the Availability Report you will see both the old model handle and new model handle is shown, but they are displayed as separate entities and the data isn't continuous.




    Here are the details on how the script works:

    1. After running the script, a new set of models will be created for all newly certified devices (where the model type changes). Going forward, events will be generated on these new models.
    2. SRM marks old models as destroyed and starts reporting on new models.
    3. The old model data will be there in reporting DB as long as it is in Data Retention period (Archival).
    4. Reports are designed in such a way that "Device" related reports show only active models and ignore models marked as deleted.
      Ex: "Availability: selected Devices: Individual Model" report do not show deleted models.
    5. All "Model" reports like "Availability: Selected Models" and "Detailed Event Log: Selected Device or Model", can report against deleted and active models. In these you will see old and new models in reports.
    6. In any case, we cannot generate "Group" reports (for old models) as the association between Model and Global Collection will break as soon as the model is deleted. In Spectrum, there is no concept of merging old model data to the new one.