DX IM 20.3.2 - OC - LDAP User got authentication issue on OC Overview and Alarms view
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DX IM 20.3.2 - OC - LDAP User got authentication issue on OC Overview and Alarms view


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After upgrading environments system to DX IM 20.3.2,  LDAP users account got issues with Overview or Alarms view with the following message "Error" or "Error02" 
And when running the "F12"  function and then "Ctrl+R" in OC, we can noticed in the Dev. Console that, the "alarmviewer-api or cabijs/rest_v2 responded with a 401 - Authentication failed.


Release : DX IM 20.3.2



1 - If you already upgrade your environment to 20.3.2, make sure you have all the hotfix installed accordingly such as "ump_20.32_HF1 Hotfix" .

2 - Upgrade your environment to 20.3.2, if not done yet and then deploy the "ump_20.32_HF1 Hotfix"

3 - Then make sure the following steps has been performed during the upgrade:

Steps to follow after downloading the hotfix  (ump_dashboard.zip) and ("ump_dashboard(version - 20.32hf2") from the following: https://support.broadcom.com/external/content/release-announcements/CA-Unified-infrastructure-Management-hotfix-index/7233
1. Deactivate wasp probe in OC Robot.

2. In OC Robot, move <UIM>/probes/service/wasp/work/* to other folders for backup.

3. In OC Robot, move <UIM>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/dashboard folder to any other folder for backup.

4. In the Primary HUB Robot, backup <UIM>/archive/ump_dashboard.zip

5. Add the provided test build  (ump_dashboard.zip) to archive. (*) If you get "override existing archive ?" prompt, proceed with Yes.

6. Deploy the package (ump_dashboard(version - 20.32hf2) ) to OC Robot. (*) Verify the below file in OC Robot has been updated. <UIM>/probes/service/wasp/webapps/dashboard.war

7. Activate wasp probe in OC Robot. 

This will resolve the problem.

Additional Information

OC 20.3.2 Hotfix ump_20.32_HF1