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When trying to create a new column in Web Screen Painter (WSP), I am getting the message: Error in checkin_done in Wsp_Column


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We are trying to create new columns in Web Screen Painter, and when we try to Save and Publish, it always gives us the following authorization error message:

web:wsp     1044 ERROR     wsp_backend.c     6482 Error in checkin_done in Wsp_Column     orgx.z_org_num:1: INVALID AHD03117: Your current role does not have
UPDATE_GLOBAL authorization,  so you cannot update public object Web Screen Painter Column z_org_num

We get this error in WSP when logged in as the ServiceDesk user. The ServiceDesk contact has Administrator access_type; the ServiceDesk contact and the Administrator access_type have Administrator as the default role.


This error could happen in a multi-tenancy environment when the ServiceDesk contact is not associated to the Service Provider tenant.

After you install the multi_tenancy option, you must create the Service Provider Tenant. The ServiceDesk contact is then automatically associated with the Service Provider tenant.

If you set the multi-tenancy option and you try to create a new column (WSP) before the Service Provider tenant has been created, you will get the error message when you try to save and publish the new column.


Component: ARGIS