WCC Forecast giving errors
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WCC Forecast giving errors


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After upgrading WCC to version 11.4.7 the Forecast function does not work.

When trying to run a forecast this error appears:

2021-01-04 10:39:16,771 @forecast < X239134 ~DE5> [] ERROR #ReportsCommandServiceImpl          # Invalid time zone, using GMT offset.

I have confirmed WCC is set to the local timezone.  I even tried switching from "America/New York" to "US/Eastern".



Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


The WCC ECLI worked fine but the Forecast tab did not.
When we attempted to generate reports we would see errors such as
ERROR #ReportsCommandServiceImpl # Invalid time zone, using GMT offset.
in the /opt/CA/WorkloadCC/log/application/forecast/forecast.log

We went into WCC -> Configuration -> Servers -> ABCDEF (the server definition).
There we needed to set the "Time Zone", and save it.

Once this was done the errors about invalid time zone stopped but the reports still resulted in errors.
This time nothing was written to the logs.
We went to
and enabled:
log4j.logger.audit=debug, audit
Saved the file and you re-ran the report.
This time the forecast.log showed the true error.
The forecast command was not found.
The message was valid as we checked the as_server machines and the command was not present.

The "forecast" utility requires database interactions similar to the application server and the scheduler. It is distributed with the server installation and not with the Command Line Utilities.