Juniper router modeled using the JuniperJUNOSRtr model type is not modeling as a chassis device in Spectrum


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After modeling a Juniper SRX580 device in Spectrum using the JuniperJUNOSrtr model type, the model does not appear under the Chassis Manager.


For Juniper devices to appear under the Chassis Manager in OneClick, they must support the jnxBoxAnatomy mib.

Reference the "Identification of Chassis Devices" section of the documentation.

Proprietary MIB

When a device supports a DX NetOps Spectrum certified proprietary chassis MIB, it is identified as a chassis device. For example, when a "Juniper" device supports the "jnxBoxAnatomy", it is identified as a chassis device based on that MIB.


Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Discovery/Modeling


Using MIB Tools, verify if the device supports/populates the jnxBoxAnatomy mib.

Check if the device in question is part of a cluster with 2 nodes. If the node in question is the standby node, not all mibs are available for standby nodes, which, in this case, is the jnxBoxAnatomy mib.