Error 305 using Call External to invoke Gen EJB Web Service
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Error 305 using Call External to invoke Gen EJB Web Service


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Gen "consumer" model Server PStep EJB Web Service uses Call External to access the EJB Web Service from a "provider model" but fails with error 305 in SoapUI.
The export views contains group views and date data:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
         <faultstring>ERROR CONSUME_GQAL_WEBS4@0000000001,0022020109,0 305 [  XC/0]</faultstring>
            <ns1:Exception xmlns:ns1=""/>


Release : 8.6
Component : Gen Enterprise Java Beans


Problem recreated in-house by Support using supplied models.
The root cause is not related to Call External or group views but rather is related to the date field not being present in the provider EJB Web Service XML response when there is no value set for that date attribute. That causes a mapping problem on the XML response to the consumer Call External which results in the 305 error.
If all exported date fields are populated with data then the error does not occur.

Additional Information

This problem was fixed in an update to the Server Manager generator cmg.exe in Toolset generator PTF GEN86207/LU00166.
That PTF is now superseded by Gen 8.6.3 consolidation PTF WKS86300/LU06327.