CA Deliver - Due to Invalid DD Name, Reports Now in Spool, Want them to be Processed Again Through Deliver


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We have a situation where a report was defined with a proc step that was incorrect, and a month's worth of output is sitting in the JES2 queue.

We have since corrected the proc step in Deliver, but now need to get the reports to process again through Deliver.

How do we go about doing that?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


As the reports are still in the JES queue, the way to process them through Deliver would be to use its post-spool processing.

Go to a running Deliver task, issue command "/F rmostc,DISPLAY" to list out the Deliver RMOPARMS.

In the RMOPARMS, post-spool processing is done using NETCLSL/NETDEST/NETFORM.

For the reports in question, see as to what displays in the queue for:

. Class
. Destination
. Form
. ProcStep

Change what is needed, for the reports in the queue, to match the above, and they will process through Deliver.

The reports, especially if over a span of time, will all be processed to the current View archive date and generation number.