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Install r12.1 SP3 SCM client release fails with error "Call to CACryptInstall Failed".


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



While installing the r12.1 sp3 client, the user gets error "Call to CACryptInstall Failed", and then the install performs a rollback. This has been known to occur especially on windows 7 OS. There is an EFix available from CA Support.


R12.1 SP3 msi install runs into "Call to CACryptInstall Failed", then the install will rollback.

There have been reports from customers that have been experiencing some problem installing the R12.1 SP3 client and they have been getting "Call to CACryptInstall Failed" error which causes the rollback of the client install. This has been happening especially on Windows 7 workstations.

To correct for this, a new R12.1 SP3 .msi client Efix has been created by L2 and is available by opening an issue with CA Software Change Manager Support.

Use the following syntax as example for the silent Efix install:

msiexec /i "CA Software Change Manager r12.1 SP3 Client.msi" /qn ADDLOCAL=Workbench,Documentation,CommandLine,HarWin INSTALLPECTONETWORK=No ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLDIR=\"C:\HARVEST\" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS /L*v "c:\MSI_client.log"

Change the paths as necessary for the customer environment.


Component: HINTFC