DB01104E Error When Trying to Activate Sample Accounting Table
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DB01104E Error When Trying to Activate Sample Accounting Table


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I am trying to activate the sample Accounting Table A00 and upon trying to open the table I am receiving a  "DB01104E - UTILITY HAS NOT BEEN EXECUTED FOR ACCOUNTING TABLE A00" error in the MUF JES LOG

I have already cataloged from Dictionary to the CXX of the MUF. What else am I missing?




There are two parts to activate the accounting table for Datacom.

  1. Make sure that the table has been cataloged to the CXX via the Dictionary (This can be done with either in batch with DDUPDATE or online with DDOL & verify that the table has been cataloged and exist by running a CXX report)
  2. Implement the Table in MUF by issuing a DBUTLTY account catalog command. Example JCL can be seen in the ACCT CATALOG (Catalog Accounting Database) documentation. and down below
//jobname    See the note above and .
 //STEPLIB    See the note above and .
 //CXX      DD DSN=cxx.data.set,DISP=SHR           Directory data set
 //SYSIN    DD *                                   Command input
        ACCT OPTION=CATALOG,DATABASE=database-entity-occurrence-name

The database-entity-occurrence-name can be found by issuing a CXX Report and finding the Database that contains the accounting table. Most of the time, this occurrence name will be the default name of SAMP-ACT-DB under DBID 5 

Excerpt from full CXX report
Base:     5
        ******************************************************************************** Directory: JZMUFT
DATA BASE INFORMATION                                                                                                 
DBCRBAS REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS BASE -     2,392                                                                        
DBCRKEL REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS BASE -     1,896                                                                        
NUMBER OF AREAS IN THIS BASE    -      6                                                                              
NUMBER OF TABLES IN THIS BASE   -      6                                                                              
NUMBER OF KEYS IN THIS BASE     -      6                                                                              
NUMBER OF ELEMENTS IN THIS BASE -     69                                                                              
LAST OPENED     - DATE--8/10/2020, TIME-10.49.29                                                                      
LAST RESTARTED  - DATE--8/10/2020, TIME-10.49.29                                                                      
LAST MAINTAINED - DATE--8/14/0009, TIME-11.11.53                                                                      
REPLICATED BASE  - NO                                       BASE FORMAT -   3                                         
PARTITIONED BASE - NO                                       HISTORY BASE - NO                                         
UPDATE USERS    -   0                                                                                                 
READ ONLY USERS -   0                                                                                                 
OCCURRENCE - SAMP-ACT-DB P002                                                                                         


Once these have been completed, open the accounting table with DBUTLTY ACCT OPEN command and close with a DBUTLTY ACCT CLOSE command when you are done capturing statistics of interest. DB01104E error will go away and the MUF should now be able to open DBID 4 & 5

Additional Information

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Whenever the Accounting Facility is turned on, be cautious that this can add a significant amount of overhead and decrease performance to all users if the accounting tables have been poorly defined. It is recommended to turn on only when trying to capture statistics, otherwise, the accounting facility should be OFF. Please contact Broadcom/Datacom Support if you would to review if the accounting tables in place are efficient or for more assistance