How to Factory Reset the SSL Visibility on version 4.x
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How to Factory Reset the SSL Visibility on version 4.x


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


A Factory Reset restores the SSL Visibility appliance to default settings. The steps in this article will show how to perform a factory reset to restore the system to default settings when running version 4.x. 

Note: The zeroization procedure used by the “Factory re-install” option may not purge all sensitive data from the internal storage devices.


Method 1:

- From the UI navigate to the "Hostname" Drop down menu and select the "Halt/Reboot" option

- Check the "Confirm Halt/Reboot" option

- Expand the Advanced Options by pressing the + and select "Reset configuration to factory default". By default the "Retain network and password settings" will also be selected. If this is not selected a serial console connection will be required to reconfigure the SSLV


Method 2:

- From the SSH console command line go into Enable mode and run the command "restore-defaults factory-defaults"

Method 3:

- Connect to the Serial console and restart the appliance. During the boot sequence press any key to select an alternate boot image before the default is selected

- When asked which image to select type "r" to factory re-install. Confirm the selection by typing "y" when asked to continue with re-initialization