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I am unable to attach files to an Incident with the @ shortcut specified in Attachments button


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When doing some tests with Service Desk shortcuts in an Incident it is possible some buttons or options, such as the Attachments button, have the @ symbol as shortcut.
When using the keys combination "ALT + SHIFT + @" it does not open the window to enable the document to be attached, as it would be expected.
This document explains, in general, how the usage of symbols as shortcuts work in CA Service Desk Manager.


It can not be avoided that sometimes duplicate shortcut-keys are being generated.

When all hotkeys are exhausted or when a proper shortcut cannot be given, duplicates will be put in place.
E.g.: the '@' sign is then used for the duplicates.

According to the documentation, you can then hit the "ALT"-<duplicate> key to get focused on the first occurrence of the duplicates.
E.g.: when the '@' sign is used - "ALT-SHIFT-2" - is then the key-sequence to use.

Once the focus is then put on the first of the duplicates, you can use the 'TAB' key to move to the next and then hit ENTER to activate the button.

This is how it is designed to work.

Thus, in the scenario described, using "ALT + SHIFT + 2" will put the focus on the Attachments button, and it is necessary to hit ENTER so the window to enable the document to be uploaded and attached to the case appears.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration