Can CA 7 be upgraded directly from a Release prior to r11.3 to Release 12.1?


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Upgrading to R12.1 directly from r11.1


Release : 12.1

Component : CA-7


The conversion to r12.1 from a release prior to 11.3 (11.1 or 11.0) can  be done successfully.  The issue 'could be' that there could be a problem IF you desire to 'fall back'from r12.1 to your old release that is prior 11.3  after running with r12.1.  The reversion of the converted data has not been tested with  r11.1 since any release prior to 11.3 was not GA at time of the r12.1 release.                                                                       
 There have not been clients that required a 'fall back' as of this time of this document.  If you are using CA 7 Input/Output Networks, they will need to be removed or replaced prior to the conversion.