Error 'com.vontu.communication.transport.exception.TransportException: invalid packet length on read' events in BoxMonitor logs


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Data Loss Prevention


You see informational events with the following errors in the BoxMonitor logs on a Data Loss Prevention detection server:

com.vontu.communication.transport.ChannelManager processOperationResult
INFO: Operation com.vontu.communication.transport.AcceptWrapperOperation:1607800648768:null:[email protected] failed with exception: com.vontu.communication.transport.exception.TransportException: invalid packet length on read: 369296131


Cause 1

External service Health Checks, such as from a load balancer, are directed at the detection server to see if port 8100 is open.

Cause 2

Endpoint Agents have been deployed with port 8100 specified instead of port 10443.


Resolution 1

No action required.

Resolution 2

Re-deploy agent packages with the correct port specified. The default port is 10443 - be sure to specify the port you have configured the detection server to listen for agents on.