How to test CA JCLCheck after applying maintenance


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CA JCLCheck Workload Automation Unicenter CA-JCLCheck Common Component


How to test and validate CA JCLCheck after applying maintenance for JCLCheck.  Is there any test procedures to follow?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA JCLCheck workload Automation


1. Test JCLCHECK in batch mode:

A sample JCLCHECK job is in CAZ2JCL(AZ1JCHK).  This job executes CAZ2PROC(CAZ1JCHK).  STEPLIB DD is present and it should be allocated to the JCLCheck load library with maintenance applied.


2. Test JCLCHECK in ISPF Edit mode:

Edit a JCL or proc member, and execute TSO command processor !JCK on the command line.  Do the same with command %EJCK.  

Note: Your ISPF logon procedure, or logon CLIST needs to include the JCLCheck libraries with latest maintenance.  Those libraries are: CAZ2LOAD (loadlib), CAZ2MSG0 (messages), CAZ2PNL0 (panels), CAZ2SKL0 (skeletons),  and CAZ2CLS0 (clists). 

Reference: Invoke CA JCLCheck with EDCHEK


3. Test JCLCheck using the ISPF Panel Interface

Reference: Use the ISPF Online Panels


If the JCLCheck load library is in the linklist, an LLA refresh is required.


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