Problems with creating global users
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Problems with creating global users


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After migrated CA Identity Manager from 12.6.5 Standalone to new vApp version 14.3.0 CP02 trying to Create User Task but failing:  CreateUser task, the error "Failed to execute CreateUserEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: [LDAP: error code 17 - IDMDisabled]" is displayed.

Double checked already in UserStore DSA schema files where the attribute is extended  as well as the attribute in the User Store in the Management Console but sounds everything good, but error persists.



Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


schema updated in user store but not updated in router


This happens because  was updated the Directory schema on the vapp node where the userstore Data DSA is but did not update the schema on the vapp node where the userstore Router DSA is. After updated in the another Vaap where CA Directory Router resides this issue is resolved.