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What is the SCM agent "-trlvl" option for?


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When using SCM agent process and you encounter agent related errors, the agent trace option can be turned on.

The trace option will produce more debug information in the agent log file for technical support to diagnose the problem.

To turn on the agent trace, add the following line to the HAgent.arg file located under $CA_SCM_HOME directory

on the agent installation machine:



So exactly what are those different agent trace levels ( -trlvl) for?

trlvl=1 traces direct connect creation, thread creation, and login operations. It is most useful to diagnosis any agent communication or connection issues. For example, if no connection to the agent can be established or agent encountered pec error, trace level 1 will provide more input.

trlvl=2 traces file input/output operations and only displays if a function related to file input/output fails. For example, if the user is getting an error like can not modify a readonly file, or error such as file xxx does not exist, then trace level 2 should be defined.

trlvl=3 traces the invocation of hexecp. Level 3 of trace should only be used when using hexecp command to execute a program on a remote agent machine error out.

Please note, each trlvl mode is distinct and does not include information from other trace modes. So if user can not connect to the agent at all, and trlvl=3 is defined, it will NOT cover any connection related debug information. In this case, the user needs to specify trlvl=1 to obtain connection related debug information.


Release: SCMNCR99000-12.1-Harvest-Software Change Manager-Named User-Competitive Replacem