CA Gen Compile Errors IGYPS2000-S and IGYPA3007-S related to BLOB attributes


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Getting an Action Block compile error from a Gen 8.5 program generation after adding a BLOB Attribute to an Entity where the Entity is used for a CREATE within the Action Block...However the BLOB attribute is not referenced in the Action Block.  

IGYPS2000-S   Expected a data-name, but found "=".  The "COMPUTE" statename.  The statement was discarded.

IGYPA3007-S   "PARA-0088123123-DBERR" was not defined as a procedure-name.  The  Same message on line:                        

IGYPA3007-S   "PARA-0088123123-DBERR-EXIT" was not defined as a procedure-name.  The statement was discarded.

This is a MF Cobol generation and compile.





Release : 8.5 and 8.6

Component : CA Gen Build Tool


- For both Gen 8.5 and 8.6, Gen has not implemented BLOBs on mainframe Cobol.
- For the Action Blocks that are failing compile...Although they may not contain the offending BLOB attribute either in the Action Block views or the Psuedo code, if the Action Block does perform a CREATE on the entity containing the BLOB, the Gen generator(s) will set all the attributes in the Entity Type during a Create/Insert. In this case, that includes the BLOB attribute that is not currently supported for Gen Cobol on the mainframe.
- If generating with Consistency Check on, it will throw an error for this scenario. This means that the generated code should not be expected to either compile, link or execute for the unsupported environment.

Based on these findings, in the case of a CREATE statement in an Action Block for an Entity type that contains a BLOB attribute, a developer must remove the BLOB attribute from the Entity Type definition before generating and compiling the Action Block.