Differences between "Delete Version" vs. "Remove Item" in Harvest
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Differences between "Delete Version" vs. "Remove Item" in Harvest


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Please explain the difference between the "Delete Version" process and the "Remove Item" process.  What is the best way to delete a file from our project's repository?


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There are 3 ways to delete a file from the repository.

  1. There is the "Remove Item" process - This is a "logical delete". What it does is create a new version with a "D" tag, making it invisible in the data view and unavailable for checkout while preserving the history of the file in case you ever need to refer back to a previous version. Since it creates a new version, this means the new version will need to be in a package and the package promoted up through all the states to ensure that the change takes effect in every state.

  2. There is the "Delete Version" process - This is a "physical delete" of the selected version. Versions can only be deleted highest to lowest, so you can't delete version 1 if there is a version 2. You also can't delete a version that is included in the baseline or in a snapshot. If the version you want to delete has been promoted through the states you will need to demote it back to its original state before performing "Delete Version". After doing this the version cannot be recovered, but previous versions are preserved.

  3. You can delete the file from the repository in the Administrator Tool - Not Recommended - This is a physical delete of all versions of a file from all projects (if the repository is shared among multiple projects), states, and the baseline(s). Once this is done, no versions of the file can be recovered. You cannot delete the file this way if it is included in a snapshot.

Additional Information

More information about the "Remove Item" process can be found here: Define Lifecycle Processes - Define a Remove Item Process

More information about the "Delete Version" process can be found here: Define Life Cycle Processes - Define a Delete Version Process