CA View - Query on SAS/C Runtime Modules
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CA View - Query on SAS/C Runtime Modules


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In View 12.1, there was FMID ASARB75, for the SAS/C Runtime modules.

In upgrading View to 14.0, I could not find a matching ASARB75 FMID. 

Is the ASARB75 FMID obsolete, or is there an equivalent FMID for the new release?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


FMID ASARB75, the SAS/C runtime module, is not supported in View 14.0, so it is obsolete.

The Xenos AFP-to-PDF transformer is used in View and WebViewer 14.0.
In addition, WebViewer 14.0 does not use DRAS.

If you are currently running CA Spool 12.0 and higher, then you already would have the AFP-to-PDF transformer installed.

However, if you do not run CA Spool and want to install the Standalone Java Transformers please refer to the "Install the Java Transformers" section of documentation.

For acquisition information, you can refer to Knowledge Article ID: 143117 - Cannot Find the Standalone Java Transformer...