Tenant with SAML enabled can't logout
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Tenant with SAML enabled can't logout


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DX Operational Intelligence


You log into a tenancy with a SAML-enabled tenancy from Chrome. Then, if logged out,  it logs you back in.

To work around this. you logout , then close browser or open browser in incognito mode and you can log into new tenancy.



Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


Fix implemented in 20.11 and later of SAAS. Deletes the cookie before ending the session.


SAML Logout URL location attached to image in the knowledge doc.



Additional Information

Added to the Documentation:

Symptom: I log into a tenant with SAML-enabled tenancy from Chrome. When I log out, I get logged back in.

Solution: This issue is due to keeping the same tenancy. This behavior is typical for applications that are SSO-enabled, as is DX SaaS. Examples of other applications include MS Office 365, Box, SharePoint, and Google. The solution is to clear the cache when logging out for tenancy. 

Here are workarounds:

Start a new session without logging out.

  • Open an incognito browser window and start a new session.
  • Open a different browser, such as FireFox, and start a new session. 

Log out and log back in to start a new session.

  • Log out, and then click Sign in with another Tenant within a few seconds.
  • Manually log out of a tenant by deleting the CA_CLOUD_Management cookie. Then log in to another tenant.
  • Close the browser and wait until the session times out. Then log in to another tenant.

Defect DE481045 - Difficulty Switching Between Multiple DX SaaS SAML Tenants

Symptom: I can access multiple SAML tenants, however, I cannot easily switch between the tenants.

Solution: Your apparent switching problem is the side effect of a DX SaaS logging-out issue. DX SaaS cannot log out of multiple tenants being accessed using the same browser. This issue only occurs when using SAML.

Use the same workarounds as for the previous issue.


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