Creating an Application in Runscope


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I do have a question regarding creating an Application. I would like to perform API curl commands outside the API Explorer.

It is stated “To use the API, you must first create an Application (

Do you have any suggestions with regard to creating an application if you don’t have an application?

I don’t have an application and only need an OAuth 2 access token. 

Stated in the Basics : Authentication section: “All requests to the API require a valid OAuth 2 access token.

You can generate an access token using the Web Authorization Flow or use the one that is automatically created for your account when creating a new application.”




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These instructions will show how to create an application and an access token:

If you simply want to create an access token in order to access Runscope APIs, then you can provide any website URL and callback URL -- these can even be completely imaginary, so long as they "look like" URLs to satisfy the parser as specified in the Radar Agent Fails to Authenticate article (

The article is for a different topic, but the same principle is used for creating Runscope Access tokens for use with the Runscope APIs.  Once you have created the application it should show up on the page as the "application" you created the access token for.  When you view the details of the application, your access token will appear at the bottom of the page of the application in the "Personal Access Token" section.  You can then use the token in the API call as follows (as an example):

curl '' -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Personal access token>'