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Gantt: Task/milestones are not moving when running autoschedule in the Gantt on a master project with at least one inactive subproject


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Tasks and milestones are not moving when autoscheduling a master project in the Gantt when at least one subproject is marked inactive.

  1. Create three projects named, master1, sub1, sub2

  2. Assign resources to both projects

  3. Create tasks and milestones on both projects

  4. Assign resources to the tasks with etc

  5. Add sub1 and sub2 as subprojects to master1 and mark them read only

  6. Launch master1 in the Gantt

  7. Create a tentative schedule with autoschedule

  8. Note the tasks/milestones shift based on your autoschedule date

  9. Delete the tentative schedule

  10. Close the Gantt

  11. Mark sub1 as inactive

  12. Launch master1 in the Gantt

  13. Create a tentative schedule with autoschedule

Expected Result: To see task/ milestone dates change based on your autoschedule date.
Actual Result: No tasks or milestones move in either the master or subprojects.



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus




Either mark the inactive subproject as active, or remove it from the master project.


This has been identified as bug CLRT-71725 which is currently being reviewed by development.

Keywords: SIB, autoschedule, master, project, subproject, active, inactive,CLRT-71725, clarity13open.