Netmaster/SOLVE product has not been installed into the specified SMP/E CSI hlq.CSI
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Netmaster/SOLVE product has not been installed into the specified SMP/E CSI hlq.CSI


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This article applies to any product in the Netmaster/SOLVE that utilizes the Install utility to build the product region.

I ran the install process for a CMDB Connector in CSM. 
Now I'm trying to build the region, but the build fails with 

CA CMDB Connector for z/OS has not been installed into the specified SMP/E CSI SYST.CMDB.GLOBAL.CSI

Could you please check and let me know how fix this error and proceed with successful install?


Release : ALL

Component : All Netmaster and SOLVE products


1. The CC2DLINK must first be available prior to using the Install Utility, either in the TSO PROC (ISPLLIB) or in the LINKLIST.

2. When installing the product in CSM and using DASD instead of SMS, ensure that the CATALOG is set to YES, especially if defining separate CSIs for Global, Target and Distributed zones.
    If it is set to NO, the Install Utility cannot locate the SMP* files.
    To verify, check the Dataset Allocation folder in the .zip file from the install.

    The Message_Log will show

     Uncataloged data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPLOG allocated on SMAGL1.
     Uncataloged data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPLOGA allocated on SMAGL1.
     Uncataloged data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPPTS allocated on SMAGL1. 

To correct this, the environment must be deleted from CSM including all files and reinstalled with CATALOG set to YES.
The Message_Log will then show

    Data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPLOG allocated.
    Data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPLOGA allocated.
    Data set SYSLS.CMDB.V2R0.SMPPTS allocated.

After defining the CSI in your Install Utility, you may still see a warning about the LINKLIST not being available, but if that has been corrected, hit <enter> and it should proceed to the next step.


Additional Information

Regarding the CC2DLINK, this section of the Netmaster 12.2 doc applies to all products:

You must put the
.NMC2.CC2DLINK data set in your system linklist before you start setting up regions. You can also create a STEPLIB to the data set name (DSN) in your TSOPROC.

Here is the link for further reading

Please refer to the product specific doc for any further requirements for the CC2DLINK.